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Last Update: 15 January 2005.
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ads_isra.zip ANDESA in ISRAEL Demo for FIDOnet World!
andesaso.zip Many of our Programms! Cracks for UFO-1,2,3, and many small Demos.
new_year.zip Demo for Marry Christmas and for New 1999 Year!
isra_105.zip Dictionary RUSSIAN-HEBREW Version 1.05 - Final Version!
slor1_37.zip Dictionary ENGLISH-RUSSIAN Version 1.37 - Final Version!
ads42upk.zip Good Demos for Fuck'ing UPK Profile!
war2puds.zip Super PUDs Files for WARCRAFT-2 by Denis Astahov!
pvie_275.zip BEST Picture Viewer for DOS - PV.EXE CrackWare Version 2.75
ufo2_rus.zip UFO-2 X-COM Terror From The Deep Russification Version!
win-2000.zip WINDOWS 2000. RULEZZZ Logo by Denis Astahov!
win2000p.zip WINDOWS 2000 Plus! Super RULEZZZ Logo by Denis Astahov!
adv__bas.zip Firsts Demos by Denis Astahov on BASIC Language.
c--denis.zip Many many Small Demos by Denis Astahov on SPHINX C--
bfi_demo.zip Game Project of Steps Strategy BATTLE FOR ISLAND DEMO Version 0.14
batsb230.zip Game BATTLE SEA by ANDESA Soft and SUNRISE Soft. BETA 2.30
cazino.zip Cool Game CAZINO 'One Hand Maniak' by Denis Astahov Version 2.0
spacewar.zip Cool Game SpaceWar by Denis Astahov Version 1.000
new2000y.zip Demo For New 2000 Year!
kubzero.zip Project of First Semester ZeroX Version 1.00a
int2dos.zip Converters: TXT<>KOI and TXT<>WIN Texts Formats.
phonebok.zip Project of Second Semester PhoneBook Version 0.95
cdplayer.zip ANDESA CD Player 2000.
x-o-x-o.zip Project of 3-Semester: Windows Game X-O-X-O Version 1.02
game.zip Project: Grafika on C++ CooL Gamme by Andrey Petrov!
ufolimon.zip Cracker Money For Games UFO-1 and UFO-2.
bloodwin.zip Witch Blood Group Will Be At Your Child? Want to know?!
tauchat.zip Project on Visual Basic 6.0: Server/Client TauChat Version 1.00
taudra2d.zip Project of 3-Semester: Grafika on C/C++ TAU Draw-2D Fixed Link!
taudra3d.zip Project of 4-Semester: Grafika on C/C++ TAU Draw-3D Fixed Link!
batlesea.zip Game Project on VB 6.0 For Practical Engineer Degree Server/Client Game
snow.zipDirectX Snow with Music. Very Nice on Visual Basic :)
direct3d.zipDirectX 3D Graphics Cube with Textures. Super Very Nice, also on VB!
64KIntro3D.zipDirectX 3D 64kb Intro by Denis Astahov!

Intros, Demos For DEMO Partys!
adv4bf99.zipIntro by Denis Astahov For ByteFall'99 - 8 Place!
adv4mb99.zip4Kb Intro by Denis Astahov For The Forge of Mb'99 - Unknow Place!
plutina.zip 512b Intro by Denis Astahov For Chaos Constructions'99 - 4 Place!
cruzetta.zip1Kb Intro by Denis Astahov For Computer Art Festival'99 - 6 Place!
ads4mv99.zip4Kb Intro by Denis Astahov For MOVEMENT'99 - Party Not Exist! :-[
plasmuel.zip256b Intro by Alex Teplitsky For Forge of MB'2000 - 7 Place!
israelsc.zip64Kb Intro by Denis Astahov For Paradox'2000 - 4 Place!
snowfall.zip512b Intro by Denis Astahov For Millennium'2000 - X Place!
hole3dfx.zip512b Intro by Denis Astahov For Millennium'2000 - X Place!
platnel.zip 256b Intro by Denis Astahov For Chaos Constructions'2000 -10 Place!
rainfall.zip512b Intro by Denis Astahov For Chaos Constructions'2000 -2 Place!

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